SIHI is one of the world leaders in liquid ring vacuum pump and liquid ring compressor technology. Supplying a wide range of vacuum pumps and compressors for many industries and applications, providing reliable, trouble free operation.

The principal components are the suction and discharge covers, the intermediate port plates, the impellers, shaft and bearing supports. Built up in sections which are held together by longitudinal tie bolts passing from cover to cover, many parts are common to two or more Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. By utilizing various combinations of impeller sizes, staging and direction of gas travel, it is possible to produce models of varying capacities from the same basic components.

SIHIdry – Dry Running Vacuum Pumps are completely dry running vacuum pumps used increasingly throughout the process industry where there is a growing demand for uncontaminated vacuum free from oil or service liquid, low operating pressures, flexibility, and low life-cycle costs. The SIHIdry vacuum pump is a vertical twin-screw machine that is completely dry running and has no mechanical shaft seals. In addition, the hermetically sealed unit has been developed specifically to meet these demands, while maintaining a easy, cost-effective solution.