Weishaupt W5 compact burners are used for gas or oil-fired appliances and have a rated output of up to 188 MBTU/h. They are typically employed in light commercial applications where reliability is of particular importance, for example in bakeries.

Outstanding efficiency: Digital combustion management ensures that the burner only generates as much heat as is needed at that precise moment. The electronically controlled air damper closes fully on shutdown to hinder cooling of the combustion chamber. The W-ZG01 ignition unit used on all Weishaupt compact burners is extremely energy efficient.

Safety at large: The nozzle shut-off system in oil burners guarantees a tight oil shut-off during the nozzle assembly’s warming phase (on burner with preheated nozzle assembly) and prevents oil drips after the burner has shut down.

Quiet operation: The burner’s transverse-mounted fan is sound attenuated.

Exemplary emissions: Weishaupt Low-NOₓ technology (standard on gas burners, optional for oil burners) utilizes a special mixing assembly to effect a notable reduction in harmful emissions.

Long service life: There are many years of experience and development behind Weishaupt’s burner technology. Only the best quality materials are used in manufacture.

Future-proof: Digital combustion management enables accurate monitoring of burner operation and provides diagnostic for easy service/maintenance.