BSI Mechanical is happy to now offer boiler feed tanks & systems. Our systems are available in stainless steel or carbon steel, simplex, duplex, and triplex configurations with siphon or non-siphon make-up inlets, 15 to 350 boiler horsepower. All of our horizontal tanks and systems have the following features:

  • Superior NPSH – Elevated tanks on tall rugged stands help to give pumps long, dependable life under demanding conditions.
  • Ergonomic Design – All piping is easily accessible from the sides of the tank. Sight gauge and thermometer are standard and are mounted on the front of the tank for high visibility.
  • Piping – All pump suction piping includes a strainer and isolation valve, as well as a union for ease of pump service.
  • Optional Control Panel – Available for duplex and triplex units, automatically alternates pumps every cycle for even pump wear, or shut down one pump for service.
  • Stainless Steel Systems – Tanks are made of 12 gauge up to 100 Gallons, then 10 gauge for 150 Gallons and above. Stand is painted carbon steel.
  • Carbon Steel Systems – Tanks are made of 11 gauge up to 100 gallons, then 3/16” for 150 Gallons and above. Strainer is cast iron with a stainless steel screen. Make-up valve and sight glass are bronze.