Personalized Surge Solutions.

To meet the full scope of our customers’ needs and to broaden our diverse family of products and professional services, Blacoh expands its depth of industry expertise with the launch of Blacoh Surge Control. Blacoh Surge Control provides customized engineering solutions for large pressure vessels in surge protection, pressure regulation, storage, and pump control. These types of large surge vessels are typically used in chemical processes, water, wastewater, fire protection, mining, oil and gas pipelines, loading terminals, and refining applications.

Survewave Transient Monitoring System
Surge Shield Standard Vessel 25-500 gal
Bladder Style Surge Vessel up to 40,000+ gal

Often, plant operators do not find out about these dangerous abnormalities until much later when it is too late. With this Blacoh SurgeWave™ Transient Monitoring System installed, it will notify designers, engineers, manufacturers and operators immediately within a few minutes of the event. They can assess pipeline performance, pressure, flow, and pump speed and perform the necessary corrections and maintenance.

Unlike conventional data loggers, SurgeWave’s high speed data collection allow operators to detect any anomalies that would’ve otherwise gone undetected with insufficient recordings. Use SurgeWave to prevent pipe fatigue, breakage and cavitation.