The WKmono 80 burner series are the most powerful Weishaupt monoblock burners. With up to 58,000 MBH output rating, these burner series are designed especially for heavy duty industrial applications. Gas and dual fuel burner versions are available.

Powerful and compact: Despite their relatively compact style with a length of 65 inches (1630 mm), WKmono 80 burner series cover an output rating of 4,100 up to 58,000 MBH. Many details such as the mixing head assembly originate from the well known WK duoblock.

Digital combustion management system: The digital combustion manager which is also utilized as standard on WKmono burner series controls the operation with fuel oil or gas and thus simplify operation and maintenance of the burner. Burner commissioning and start up can be performed step by step via user friendly menu structures. Digital combustion manager allows integration into various monitoring and controlling system all the way to complete building automation system.

Well planned design: All components are easily accessible and allow straight forward service works. The mixing head assembly can be placed into service position inside the burner casing. Extended mixing head assembly up to 27.5 inches (700 mm) long can be removed.

Versions to satisfy various requirements: Depending on application, WKmono burner can be shipped with various versions. To satisfy special emission requirements there are various mixing head assemblies available.

Universal fuel selection: Available for light oil #2, light oil #2 with up to 10% bio content (B10), natural gas as well as propane.

This is reliability: Service and support network is available for customers around the clock to make sure that Weishaupt burners always perform their duty.

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