These tried-and-tested gas, oil, and dual-fuel burners were designed especially for industrial and energy-sector applications.

Versatility: The burners are rated between 1,700 and 40,000 MBTU/h and are suited for numerous applications, from hot-water and steam boilers to air heaters and various industrial applications. The industrial burners are available in a broad range of versions and can be operated using almost any gaseous or liquid fuel. Consequently Weishaupt can offer a suitable burner for almost any application.

Digital combustion management: Digital combustion management, with which this series is equipped as standard, provides economic control of the fuel and simplifies burner operation and maintenance. It also facilitates integration with various monitoring and controls systems, including complete building management systems.

Maintenance-friendly: The burner is well designed, with all components readily accessible. This simplifies servicing, and facilitates a rapid recommissioning.

High quality: Select materials, decades of experience in Weishaupt’s Research & Development Institute, and the latest production methods combine to reinforce Weishaupt burners’  global recognition as a top-quality product.

That’s reliability: A comprehensive service and support network is available to customers, ensuring that combustion plant fitted with a Weishaupt burner always operates reliably.

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