Since 1907, Paco Pumps has been servicing the needs for fluid movement through their commitment and focus on the pumping needs of users in all markets. The Paco line of pumps are the preferred centrifugal pump choice for many market applications. They manufacture the world’s most complete lines of end suction, in-line, split case, non-clog, sump pumps, special purpose pumps and pumping systems.

KP Split Case Pump
KPV Vertical Mounted Split-Case Pump
KVPS Split Coupled, Vertical Split Case Pump
LC Close Coupled End Suction
LCS Split Coupled End Suction
LCSE Split Coupled, with integrated VFD End Suction
LCV Close Coupled, Vertically Mounted End Suction
LF Frame Mounted Centrifugal Pump
VL Vertical In-Line, Close-coupled Pump
VLS Vertical In-Line, Split-coupled Pump
VLSE Vertical In-Line, Split-coupled, Integrated VFD
VSM Close-coupled, Vertical Space Miser
VSMS Split-coupled, Vertical Space Miser