WK-series burners are Weishaupt’s most powerful burners. Rated up to 109,000 MBTU/h they have been designed primarily for heavy-duty industrial applications. They are available as gas, oil or dual-fuel burners.

Modular principle: The fan, control panel, pump station and pre-heater station are selected independently of the burner. This concept offers a high degree of flexibility, for example when dealing with difficult conditions such as dust or high ambient temperatures.

Digital combustion management: Digital combustion management, with which this series is equipped as standard, provides accurate control of the fuel and simplifies burner operation and maintenance. It also facilitates integration with various monitoring and controls systems, including complete building management systems.

Insulated burner housing: The internal insulation reduces noise levels and minimizes the surface temperature of the burner housing during operation with preheated combustion air. The burner can be operated with combustion air temperatures of up to 480 F (250 °C).

Tailored versions: WK-series burners are available in different versions to suit different applications. Different mixing assemblies are available to suit particular emission-level requirements. There are also “swirlflame” version burners available, where the combustion air is swirled, resulting in a shorter flame suited to extremely short combustion chambers.

Numerous fuels: There are WK burners suitable for use with light oil, heavy oil, and natural gas, as well as LPG and other fuels.

That’s reliability: A comprehensive service and support network is available to customers, ensuring that combustion plant fitted with a Weishaupt burner always operates reliably.

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