CleanVolt Electric Hot Water and Steam boilers from TRIAD are a rugged solution for a wide variety of heating applications. Because they are electric, the benefits include:

  • No emissions, so zero NOx issues.
  • Require no chimney / stack whatsoever, and thus no need to design a breeching system and no expensive materials such as stainless steel stack.
  • Extremely quiet – no power burner with noisy blower motor, no rumbling.
  • No concern about proper combustion air.
  • No barometric dampers.

Triad offers two series of electronic boilers – the CleanVolt, a horizontal design with input of 108 KW (368 MBH) to 1200 KW (just under 5000 MBH), in both hot water and steam, and the CleanVolt “Bantam”, a compact vertical version of its big brother, firing from 15 KW (51 MBH) to 720 KW (2457 MBH). Sizes outside these ranges are available.

Triad CleanVolt boilers are very simple to install and setup. There is no “tuning” of a gas or oil fired burner, which would require the use of a combustion analyzer to measure stack pressure, temperature, components of the products of combustion, etc. With the CleanVolt, just plug and play.

Many boiler rooms have poor combustion air quality, a problem when operating gas or oil burners causing problems such as elevated carbon monoxide (CO) levels.

Oil boilers require an oil tank, which can be dirty and hazardous. No worries with oil piping that can plug due to sludge from bad oil or that needs to be preheated during cold weather.

No worries about low natural gas pressure in certain areas of the country which can result in misfiring, nuisance shutdowns, and other poor operating characteristics.

None of these are issues with Triad CleanVolt boilers! They are Simple, Clean, Green, Quiet, and Economic.

Like all our boilers, these are ready-to-install packaged systems featuring all necessary controls in place and pre-wired, with many sizes, especially the Bantam models, easily fitting through virtually any doorway, resulting in a very quick start-up. These modular boilers can be linked together via a modular control panel to create a highly efficient system delivering millions of BTU’s on the coldest winter days, or just the minimum of BTU’s on a mild spring day.

These boilers are an excellent choice for schools & universities, healthcare facilities, office buildings, historic landmark buildings, residential space heating and industrial space heating needs. Redundant modular boilers are very important for healthcare facilities, and the small footprint is the perfect solution for universities, and other campus situations that require heating in many diverse buildings. TRIAD boilers are perfect for decentralizing a large central heating plant. Uncomplicated off-the-shelf controls enable facilities managers to quickly perform important maintenance operations.

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