The Weishaupt W10 to W40 burners cover a large range of outputs from 85 to 1,945 MBTU/h. They are typically used on applications where reliability and safety are key concerns. Not only in buildings, schools, and hospitals, but also commercial applications, where burner downtime would mean costly production downtime.

Outstanding efficiency:  Digital combustion management ensures that the burner only generates as much heat as is needed at that precise moment. The electronically controlled air damper closes fully on shutdown to hinder cooling of the combustion chamber. The W-ZG01 ignition unit used on all Weishaupt compact burners is extremely energy efficient.

Exemplary emissions: Weishaupt Low-NOₓ technology (standard on gas burners, optional for oil burners) utilizes a special mixing assembly to effect a notable reduction in harmful emissions.

Quiet operation: The burner’s transverse-mounted fan is sound attenuated.

Hugely versatile: The burners’ large capacity range of 85 to 1,945 MBTU/h facilitates their use on a very wide range of heat generators, including air heaters or hot water as well as steam boilers.

Reciprocal monitoring: Two microprocessors monitor each other, ensuring a high degree of safety.

Long service life: There are many years of experience and development behind Weishaupt’s burner technology. Only the best quality materials are used in manufacture.

Future-proof: Digital combustion management allows precise monitoring of sequence of operation and can provide diagnostics for service/ maintenance purposes.