Oil Meters

9200 Series Oil Meter is available in 1/2″ through 2″. This positive displacement meter has an Electronic Multifunction Display and Selectable Outputs for flow measurement of mineral oils such as heating or propellant fuels in burners, on-board ships, land vehicles and fixed installations with Marine and Metrological type approvals.

Model 9200 Series Electronic Oil Meter

The compact cube-form of the 9204 / 9208 Oil Meter is a space-saving design used for the measuring of heating oil. It is ideal for small to medium size residential burners. The meters come standard with a mechanical totalizer and are available with an optional reed pulse output. Simply mount and read as required and these maintenance free meters will last for years of use.

Oil Meter Model 9204-9208

9200 Series Oil Meters are positive displacement type meters with a mechanical totalizer. These meters are very accurate (±1%) over a wide flow range. The positive displacement design in not affected by viscosity or density and they can be mounted in either horizontal or vertical positions. The meters are also available with an optional dry contact pulse output and ANSI or DIN flanges. For supply – return applications they can be ordered as a matched pair (±0.5% accuracy) built for differential measurement.

Model 9215-9250 Oil Meters

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