Mody Pumps®, Inc. is one of the fastest growing submersible pump manufacturers worldwide. They draw from almost half a century of experience in the submersible pump industry to deliver products that embody superior quality, reliability, peerless customer service and solid after-sales support. Mody Pumps®, Inc. serve the dewatering, municipal, industrial, marine, rental, sewage and waste management markets through stocking distributors/service centers on most major continents.

Mody Pumps®, Inc. maintains the most discerning quality standards. A single technician assembles each pump and certifies the end product before it undergoes witnessed hydraulic performance testing. All Mody Pumps®, Inc. comply with ISO 9001 standards and are CE-marked for the EU market. For Canada, Mody Pumps®, Inc. are CSA-certified. Above all, Mody Pumps®, Inc. subject their products to rigorous and unremitting evaluation

 “Quality Submersible Pumps and Service Worldwide at a Fair Price”

Mody Pumps