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Burnham Commercial is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality boilers and control systems for commercial and industrial applications.

When you specify or install a Burnham Commercial boiler, you can rest assured that your boiler will be engineered and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, beginning with Burnham Commercial’s full-time engineering department.

Located in Lancaster, PA, Burnham Commercial engineers work with state-of-the-art modeling and design programs to create efficient and reliable products. Our in-house R&D department demands every product meets rigorous performance and safety tests before introducing a new product to the marketplace.

After final boiler specifications are determined, Burnham Foundry LLC – located in Zanesville, Ohio – manufactures all Burnham Commercial cast iron sections. Our manufacturing and assembly plants use state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained operators to ensure every boiler section is machined and assembled to the highest standards of quality and precision.Throughout our process, our Quality Control department keeps a watchful eye on manufacturing tolerances and product quality to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction. That is the Burnham Commercial way.

Only after passing this painstaking testing and quality control process can our boiler proudly wear the Burnham Commercial name. Burnham Commercial backs its products with warranties ranging up to 10 years and employs a dedicated Customer Care Center to support our customers long after the installation is completed.

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